Empowering the intellectually
challenged towards self reliance,
their betterment and enrichment.

Making sure they have the necessary skills to live in the community with ease and confidence.

At SwayamKrushi we provide your child with:

A Better Life

A better quality of life where he/she can live without allowing their limitations stopping them from living a good life.

A Better Home

A better home in which they can provide and also show that it is possible to live your best life despite challenges.

A better future

A better future as they will be trained and skilled which in turn will present better opportunities in the future.

24/7 supervision

24/7 supervision to ensure they are getting the best care and attention for their holistic development.

Vocational training

Vocational training which gives them the freedom to explore, express and learn new skills.

Schooling for children

Schooling for children, an environment which can mould these young minds for the better.


Swayamkrushi, a non-profit organization enables and builds persons with intellectual disability by providing them with the skills needed to live life to its highest potential.

We believe in equipping the society as well by teaching courses that is required to assist these persons with special needs to reach their goals and experience fulfillment in life.

We want to provide persons with special needs equal opportunities of learning that are necessary to help them live in the society with their head held high with self-esteem and make them self-reliant.

Manjulaa Kalyaan
Manjulaa Kalyaan

Mrs. Manjulaa Kalyaan

Mrs Majulaa is the innovator behind this initiative. She is an exceptional educator and has won many awards for her life changing work. Her inventiveness and enthusiasm for the rehabilitation and education of the mentally and physically challenged children has proven to be a huge success, one of the markers being her recognition by our former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.