The Approach

At SwayamKrushi, we are very particular about the approach we use to shape the mindset of our children and adults. We want to make sure they have the necessary skills to live in the community with ease and confidence.

How we rehabilitate the intellectually challenged?

 We put them in Group Homes in which 8 trainers managed under one resident staff to take care of them.

Manjulaa Kalyaan

Benefits for the intellectually challenged

To be able to achieve these goals, experts from various disciplines such as education, physiotherapy, speech therapy and vocational training work hand in hand with the trainers to make certain that quality training with professional guidance is being imparted.

Based on the individual’s needs, an assessment is taken prior to the training. Intellectually and mentally challenged individuals are vigorously trained in the most important life skills such as problem solving, financial decision making, judgement, hygiene, safety, and home management. The training will be given to them for two years, it might be extended for those who could benefit from a little extra care.

A purposeful family life

To experience growth in a normal way

To deal with household chores independently

Help with transition from home to work place and back

To integrate them into the community

Our priority is to make them independent and strong

We care for them and want to make sure they are strong enough to carry their skill out into the real world. Along with training, we see to it that they can do tasks such as catching a bus or changing routes and commuting with ease.

At Swayamkrushi:

  • Some students live with their guardians/parents and attend as day scholars
  • Mentally challenged individuals are trained from the day of inception
  • There are currently five homes and the need for more is rapidly increasing

We want to train these persons in normal environments because it is necessary for them to grow in natural and normal situations rather than a suitable one for them which is not always found. This empowers them to perform daily responsibilities such as going grocery shopping, buying milk, commuting, and even doing bank transactions

Manjulaa Kalyaan
Manjulaa Kalyaan

As religious events are something that brings everyone together, we believe the best way to integrate and create a bond in the community with persons with intellectual disabilities is through festivals. There is unity and people share joy and happiness together, the focal point here is “aarthi” and “Kumkum”. Encouraging participation in these events promotes acceptance and normalcy among people

For the empowerment and highest quality of life of these persons, we want to provide them with:

Community Living skills

  • Mobility – We want to strengthen them to be flexible and adapt to their surroundings.
  • Stores and Services – To upskill them to work in any service store.
  • Restaurants – To train them with judgment and communication skills to work flexibly in restaurants.
  • Recreation – To help them find what they enjoy and pursue that to relieve stress and gain satisfaction.

Home living skills

  • Personal care – To help them maintain their physical hygiene on their own.
  • Home Maintenance – To help them manage their chores and ensure that they live in a clean space.
  • Food related – To train them to cook simple meals for their well-being.
  • Clothing care – To teach them to be presentable and know how to pick and maintain their clothing.
  • Leisure – To teach them the importance of rest and how to spend time in relaxation.

The world of work

  • Survey
  • Placement.
  • On the job training
  • Maintenance Support.
  • Withdraw support & Follow up

 Swayamkrushi wants to provide a healthy environment for persons with intellectual disabilities by being goal oriented. We also want this to help create awareness and acceptance in the society.