SwayamKrushi was honoured to receive acknowledgement from these valued members. We will continue to strive to build these children/adults into their best selves.
Mr. B. S. Paisheera, Former Joint Secretary, Ministry of Welfare, Govt. of India.
Swayamkrushi – an institution for training and rehabilitation of mentally retarded children. The way they have drawn up the program, the training schedule under highly motivating and dedicated management and trainees could indeed represent a model for similar institutions elsewhere. They deserve all the encouragement in their endeavour. Best of luck!
Robert Jaeger, Washington, DC, USA

I have been in India three times and not seen such a nice operation, wishing you every future success.

April, 04, 2002

Maya Kalyanpur, Admissions, Minister of Education, Combodia

 An excellent example of job oriented training & employment in real world jobs

March, 10, 2010

Goka Ramaswamy, Former Minister, Andhra pradesh

 I have seen Social Service, Medical and Educational  Institutions,  in my long political life. Am very much moved by the mentally retarded children at  Swayamkrushi. The commitment, devotion,  love and care, the head of organization, Mrs Manjula Kalyan puts into the routine is commendable. She needs many more devoted people to assist her for the accomplishment of the task before her. I wish God should help her to achieve the goal she has set for her life. I also wish every worker at  Swayamkrushi to stand by her cause. Today I have joined the team of workers to do a bit job allotted to me in its daily activities.

October, 27, 1997

L.Govinda Rao, DD(A), NIMH, Secunderabad

It is, indeed, a marvellous and magnificent service being rendered by Swayamkrushi under the competent and dynamic leadership of Mrs. Manjulaa Kalyaan. One can see the real achievement of ultimate rehabilitation process for the children with MR at this institute. I wish, it could become a model for others, particularly the transit care between pre-vocational and vocational program of MR adults/children. I wish all success for this institute.

February, 24, 1994

K.C. Panda, (retd) Principal, R.C.E, Bhubaneswar.

Looking clearly into the working of Swayamkrushi: an experiment on adult growth with mental retardation in our country, I can confidently say, the devotion and commitment, and that too how to lead the experiment to be so successful even without any governmental aid is not only encouraging, but it shows about the lack of attention of GOVT support and publicity for replication. I would really congratulate Manjula for her sacrifice and demonstration of a noble cause.

August, 5, 1995

Mrs. Haripriya Rangarajan, Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad

 When I entered Swayamkrushi I could feel that I am coming to a unique place where children of God are very happy and cheerful to prove their capacity in their own way. I have no words to praise this institution with so much dedicated service and so devoted to the children including those with severe handicap. I sincerely wish that this institution should be named No.1 in India for the mentally handicapped children.

March 21, 1998

Mrs Aude Carrie, Handicap International-SARO, KTM, Nepal

I am very impressed to see all the “own effort” that everybody does here to give an opportunity to the mentally retarded so that they are able to use all their abilities to have a better life. I wish you the very best always and lots of new ideas for the coming new millennium.

December 20, 2019

Upendra Chivukula, NJ Assemblyman, U.S.A

Swayamkrushi is doing remarkable work with people of all ages who have been physically and mentally challenged. The concept of creating vocational opportunities for people with physical and mental challenges has been implemented with great success. I wish you a tremondous  success for all your efforts.

August 25, 2007

Maj Gen Lan Cardozo, VSM, SM Rehabilitation Council of India

Wonderful being in this excellent institution ‘Swayamkrushi’ and to see the vision of the Principal and the commitment and dedication of the staff. I also happen to see the excellent outcomes that are generated. May all your endeavors be successful.

January 24, 2008

Tim Marshall, PhD Candidate, University of Bristol
Thank you for your hospitality. It has been great to see your good work here at Swayamkrushi. I have learnt a lot. Good luck with the move to your new building and keep up the good work.

April 30, 2015

C Kkhaitan, CEO, The National Trust, Heart Of India, New Delhi.

I am very happy to visit “Swayamkrushi” for their service in the interest of the disabled. Their system is very efficient and scientific especially for skill development also education.

March 1, 2016


    •   Our student Gowri Gayathri received “Life Time Achievement Award” from Shri.Dhamodhara Rajanarasimha, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of Telangana, in March 2013.
    • One Minute Film – Third Prize – 2006.
    • National Award for Outstanding Professional-2007.
    • Certificate of Special Recognition-4 March 2006.
    • Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills Vocational Service Award-2007.
    • Unsung Hero  – Secunderabad Metropolitan Area Rounds Women Circle-2013.
    • Prathiba awards from Fame India, Bangalore, Karnataka – March 2014.
    • Awards and recognition received by Mrs Manjula Kalyan in last 3 years.
    • Feature about Mrs Manjula Kalyan is televised in Channel -6 in 2013.
    • Channel NDTV telecast a documentary on Independent living of Beneficiaries at Swayamkrushi 2013.
    • Ammi is awarded with SPANDAN award for the Best Female Individual with persons with disability under The National Trust.
    • Akshara a student of Swayamkrushi represented India in the Special Olympics held at Australia in Bocce game and won the bronze medal in 2013.
    • Dr. Shakuntala Devi Medical & Health Award
    • Manava Seva Dharma Samvardhani
    • National Award for the Welfare of People with disabilities given to Swayamkrushi
    • Secunderabad Metropolitan Area Round Table
    • Rotary Club of Jubilee Hills
    • Uvard
    • National Trust for Outstanding Professional – 2007
    • Unsung Hero – Secunderabad Metropolitan Area Rounds Women Circle -2013
    •  Special Recognition by Shakti (USA) May 4, 2014. Honorary Doctorate and Lifetime Achievement Award was conferred by Indian Virtual University for Peace and Education.
    • Women’s’ Day Award by Bhoomica – the iconic women in your life – an award presented by Eastern a spice company from Kerala for her invaluable contribution to mankind.
    • Late Smt. Laxmibai Lele Matrusmruti Puraskar from Bhagini Mandal, Ramkote, Hyderabad.
    • National Award for Best Individual Professional 2018 from the Vice President of India – 3rd December 2018
    • Ms. Manjulaa Kalyaan was awarded “Naari Shakthi Puraskar’ for rendering selfless and passionate services towards “empowering women with intellectual disabilities” for the past 50 years. This award was conferred by NIVEDITHA M-2019 organised at Tagore Auditorium, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
    • On 29th December 2019 Ms. Manjulaa Kalyaan was honored by Delhi Public School in expressing their gratitude in pursuing to promote holistic education.
    • Government of Telangana Women Development and Child Welfare Department & Department of Language and Culture presented ‘Woman Achiever Award 2020’ to Ms. Manjulaa Kalyaan (Director of Swayamkrushi) by Smt. Satyavati Rathod (The Hon’ble Women and Children Welfare Minister, Telangana) and Smt. D. Divya Commissioner (Women Development and Child Welfare on the occasion of International Women’s Day on 8th March 2020.

    National Award for the Best Institution from APJ Abdul Kalam -2002.

    Dr.Shakunthala Devi Medical & Health Award-2000. Sadguru Gnanananda Award-2002.